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Play, trade, stream and build in Andrometa - your digital evolution starts here.

Next level gaming

Take control of your game

Explore, Earn, Trade: Journey through gaming worlds as your unique avatar, unlocking rewards and tradeable collectibles.

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You new identity awaits

Stream with AniMee

Animee streaming

AniMee brings virtual streaming to everyone, letting you live stream as your 3D avatar across multiple platforms at once with just your laptop or phone camera!

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Discover your new favorite stories

Manga Hub

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Step into the worlds behind your favorite avatars with our Manga collection — each story a new realm to explore.

AI takes the story beyond the pages

Talk to your Avatars

AI Mythborne

Breathe life into your favorite characters or design your own NPC to talk to, trade and use in our unique AI driven social experiences - will you be ready?

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Your avatar's adventure begins


Discover Andrometa's marketplace, the unified hub linking together players, games, and universes within Andrometa. Trade in-game collectibles, avatars, and rewards easily, backed by secure, lightning-fast zero-knowledge technology. A single, vibrant ecosystem for all your digital exchanges.

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Seamless and secure

Revolutionary Technology

MalayaZK reimagines blockchain technology: providing fast, secure, and scalable solutions, eliminating high fees and slow transactions. Our technology ensures a smooth Web3 experience for every type of user.

Grow with us

Developer hub

Dive into Andrometa's Developer Hub, your comprehensive resource for creating Web3-enabled games and applications. Our robust set of REST APIs, alongside detailed documentation, empowers developers to innovate within the Andrometa universe. Start building the future of digital entertainment today.

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Chief Officer of Innovation

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Head of Operations

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Stanislas Juery

Chief Technical Officer

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Head of Business Development

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Marco Bittencourt

Head of Design

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